Scott Bennett

Founder & CEO

Scott, a seasoned entrepreneur based in Manhattan, brings a wealth of experience to the table with his 35-year track record in growing his family business from a single plant to three plants and a frozen distribution center. His diverse background, which includes time spent on Wall Street and as a magazine publisher, has honed his business acumen and ability to identify market opportunities. Having learned a valuable lesson from missing out on the dot com boom, he vowed not to repeat the same mistake with the rise of artificial intelligence. Driven by this determination, he embarked on a mission to create a platform that he wished he had access to during his own career in business. The result: BoardroomIQ

Thomas Arndt, PhD

(Chief Technology Officer)

Thomas leads our AI and platform development teams. He began his career in the social sciences as a researcher and professor, before pivoting toward specialized consulting work in artificial intelligence and tech platform development. With experience in AI training projects for LLMs and generative AI across a range of use cases, his dedication to curating new technologies and applying them to business challenges is the driving force behind our platform's innovation, ensuring that BoardroomIQ remains at the forefront of what the modern tech stack has to offer.

Vasu Gopal

Principal AI/ML Engineer

Vasu has a range of expertise that operationalizes the latest AI/ML techniques into advanced software development. Her holistic approach to data science and computer programming ensures that BoardroomIQ not only harnesses the latest in AI but is also deeply aligned with the real-world needs of our users. Vasu's leadership is vital to creating a user experience that is highly-functional, making strategic insights available at the fingertips of our clients.

Frank Yu

Chief VR Technologies Architect

Frank is a seasoned leader in AI and game development, with notable tenures at Microsoft Research Asia and as Head of Studio at a Beijing game studio later acquired by Tencent. He is a Harvard alumnus and former U.S. Military Intelligence Officer, bringing a unique mix of academic, military, and industry expertise to his roles in AI, VR and Cybersecurity.

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